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Enjoy the Christmas break a bit too much? We know the feeling!

Managed to jump back on the wagon with some new year motivation? Are you back lifting, rowing, climbing, biking, running – or doing whatever you love most?

If you’ve been a bit slack over the festive period, you may have noticed it’s not just your waistline that might have changed! Those tough, rough hands and feet you’ve taken months of blood, sweat and tears to build up are softer, smoother and a bit easier on the eye – but that’s not what we want!

One session of deadlifts and those silky smooth hands will be shredded in no time, leaving you out of action for a few more days you can’t afford. Maybe you should just take it easy… we didn’t think so!

It’s a good job we’ve got a solution to this terrible, terrible problem (and no it isn’t gloves).

ProBalm is THE best extreme skincare product on the market! This super effective, 100% natural skin balm speeds up the recovery of your skin without softening it. Whether you spend time on the rock, in the gym or hitting the slopes, ProBalm will get you back doing what you love, and fast.

Aimed at active people who push their skin to the extreme, both amateur and pro athletes love ProBalm.

You can find out a bit more about ProBalm here!

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