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Ethan Walker’s tips for a summer of rock climbing

We asked ProBalm ambassador and climbing addict Ethan Walker for his top 5 tips for a summer of rock climbing. Here’s what he came up with:

1) Seek advice from an expert!

Before setting off on a summer rock climbing adventure, be sure to seek out proper training and guidance from somebody with knowledge and experience. There are so many indoor climbing centres now around the country that all provide the necessary training and advice you’ll need in order to learn all about the sport and climb in safety.

2) Warm up

Always perform a good warm up prior to starting your climbing session. Stretch well both before and after your session to avoid injury and aching muscles the next day.

3) Check your gear

Give your equipment and gear regular checks. Forget about improving your actual climbing for a moment and remember to look after the equipment that is keeping you safe. Check your harness, check your rope, check your protection. Never forget that this is the gear that you are entrusting your life to, so it is ALWAYS incredibly important to check and then check again.

4) Practice makes perfect

Many people believe that the only way to improve at climbing is to be stronger, bringing them to the conclusion that they need to embark on some kind of strict training regime. However, this is not the case. While having that extra strength is obviously going to be beneficial, the best way to get better at climbing is to actually GO climbing.

5) Relax

The tighter we grip, the faster our arms and hands will give out. Learn to control the way you grip the handholds, take it easy, keep cool and you will be saving a whole lot of energy. This will allow you to climb better all round and for longer.

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