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National Burger Day treats that won’t harm your training


Which for most means a trip to a local fast food restaurant to get the biggest, greasiest burger around, leaving many feeling sluggish, tired and full of regret!

But, it’s not all bad news for you gym and health fanatics! You can still enjoy a deliciously, mouth-watering burger this national burger day without the nasty side effects!

We’ve picked our favourite healthy burger options that will curb your cheat meal cravings and leave you fighting fit and ready to hit the gym!

‘The Crossfit Burger’

The ‘Crossfit’ Burger, inspired by the Coaching Team at CrossFit Leeds is the perfect post workout meal.

The bunless burger consists of a succulent beef burger, fried egg, topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. This burger goes great with a side of Sweet Potato wedges or fries!

Don’t fancy cooking? In the Leeds area? Head down to The Pit in Headingley and Leeds City Centre and taste the original for yourself!

Ostrich Steak Burger

It has been stated that Ostrich meat is the healthiest red meat available. Allowing all you meat lovers to enjoy the occasional burger without the guilt!

Extremely rich in protein and low in calories and saturates, the exotic red meat combines the rich flavour and texture associated with beef with low fat content that is usually associated with turkey and chicken.

Bacon and Avocado Beef Burger

The classic beef burger with a twist, the succulent beef burger is topped with mashed avocado, bacon and lettuce sandwiched between a baked sweet potato. Feed your beef burger cravings with this healthier alternative.

Bunless Portobello Beef Burger

This gluten free friendly beef burger is topped with a selection of fresh salad and is sandwiched between 2 portobello mushrooms, saving you from the ‘carb crash’, this low carb alternative will keep you fuller for longer with lots of energy for that late night gym sesh!

Perfect Paleo Burger

Known as the ‘Perfect Paleo Burger’ this burger has everything the keen healthy eating enthusiast could want, the bunless beef burger is topped with a garnish of avocado mash with a topping of shoestring parsnip fries!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, tuck in!!


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