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Looking for a healthy hangover cure?

We all know the feeling, eat well all week, workout and fuel your body in the right way, and the Friday arrives. Getting that #FridayFeeling can be all it takes to sway your better judgment and opt for a takeaway curry followed by several pints or one too many glasses of wine. Now, we’re all human – the key here is getting straight back on track and not letting one day of weakness sacrifice weeks and months of hard work by turning your whole weekend into one giant food and drink binge. Follow our guide to healthy hangover cures and get back to your ‘A game’ in no time at all.



Rule number 1, stay hydrated! Some people swear by a pint of water before bed, others struggle with drinking water at all when hungover. A more recent discovery is that switching up your regular H2O for coconut water could be even more beneficial, with one carton typically containing more potassium than a banana! Alternatively, if you’re notoriously rubbish at sinking enough of the good stuff, try a rehydration sachet. They contain enough good salts, minerals and electrolytes to get you over even the biggest hangover from hell!



Most of you will be used to scoffing eggs at every opportunity. Their healthy fat and high protein nature is perfect for soaking up the remaining boozy toxins left in your body. Don’t overdo it on the yolk’s though and stick to no more than two with as much egg white as you like.



As with coconut water, bananas are a fantastic source of potassium – especially If you’re feeling a little more fragile than usual! They’re kind on the stomach (which is perfect if god forbid you’ve thrown up) and will help you to get back to normal in no time!



This could be the last thing you feel like doing… and in our experience it will either make or break you! Rather than opting for a 10k run with the intention of ‘sweating it out’ opt for something of lower impact such as Yoga or some simple stretching and bodyweight exercises which will help you to start feeling more human. Remember the main thing your body needs is rest, so resist from overdoing it!



We all know too well that your sleep quality suffers at the hand of hitting the booze. Where possible, give yourself an extra hour or take a nap halfway through the day to allow your body to recover by literally ‘sleeping it off’. This is key to ensuring your hangover doesn’t span multiple days and discourages further poor eating, drinking and exercising habits!


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