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How to handle the ‘January gym rush’…

January, categorically known as the busiest time of the year for using the gym, and while this may come as a delight to gym owners and personal trainers, there are dedicated gym goers to whom, the January gym rush is anything but a joyous time.

Although it might be frustrating to have to accommodate extras within your gym it is important to be welcoming to newcomers, you should be applauding someone else’s efforts to get healthier and in shape, while remembering they are probably intimidated and nervous to be entering a gym again, or for others for the first time, and we can help!

We’ve put together a list of our top tips to help you keep your cool and get through the ‘January gym rush’…

Alter your schedule

Even in January, not every gym will be busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is noticeable that peak times are often early morning and evening. Therefore, try waiting an hour in the morning or going later in the evening to try and beat the rush, failing that why not have a chat with trainers and members of staff to see when the best time to go is. Working around the busiest times will ensure your training session is undisturbed and shorter in length as you won’t be waiting around for machines.

Change your routine

If you can’t change your schedule, then adapting your routine is the next best option. At peak times it is likely that most cardio machines will be in use, therefore, take the time to use the weight machines and free weights, leave your cardio until last and you will have a better chance of decreasing your waiting time.

Find a gym buddy

Sometimes the wait for certain machines is something changing your routine can not factor in, however, instead of doubling your time at the gym by waiting around, ask to work with someone. Working with someone else will ensure you are getting the right amount of rest in between reps and will also help you to push yourself further with the addition of a spotter.

Try out classes

It may not be your first choice, having perfected your routine that suits your body’s needs to hit your goals. However, rather than getting frustrated that your gym session has gone from 1 hour to 2 why not try some classes that are offered by the gym. These may include: spinning, toning and circuits all of which are a great workout.

Work from home

Not all workouts require a gym, one of the hottest trends for 2017 is body weight training. This form of training can be modified to suit any level and can include exercises such as: classic bodyweight moves such as pull ups and push ups, with others including: squats, lunges and planks.


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