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Top Leeds-Based Indoor Climbing Walls

On the back of news that indoor climbing has rocketed in popularity amongst millennials and young people in recent years, we thought we would share our favourite indoor climbing hotspots, that are perfect for beginners and well-seasoned climbers alike.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the most highly-rated, tried and tested walls in the local and surrounding area, to offer up some choice suggestions for your next climb.

The Climbing Lab

Unit 14 Kirkstall Industrial Park

Kirkstall Road



As one of the newest additions to the Leeds cityscape of climbing, The Climbing Lab is located in a prime central spot and offers full height, indoor bouldering. You only need to check out the Tripadvisor reviews to see that pretty much everyone who hits up the Climbing Lab ends up as a regular.

So what about the facilities? Well, there’s something to suit everyone, with walls suitable for all skills levels, from beginners to experts. There’s plenty of suitable difficulties and options for children, which means you can introduce the little ones to the sport safely in a welcoming environment. Friendly staff offer introductory classes to climbing and there are enough routes to keep you busy for hours.

Locals of the facility praise the choice on offer in the form of plenty of different problems and puzzles that will test endurance and strength whilst remaining enjoyable. The upkeep of the site is always maintained meaning no nasty surprises in the changing facilities.

The Depot Climbing Centre

173 Richardshaw Lane




If you’re looking for a spot that regularly updates and changes their wall challenges, then the Depot Climbing Centre is the place for you. As one of the largest centres in the Leeds area, the facility boasts a range of difficulties suitable for all abilities, from amateur to expert.

The popularity of the Depot is reflected in its bustling atmosphere, however, the sheer size of the facility means that it rarely feels confined or results in long waits, making it an ideal visit for any time of the week.

The centre comes equipped with a large store which means if you forget some of your gear or fancy treating yourself to any new outdoor bits and bobs, you can grab them during your visit. The clear grading system also provides a clear guide for visitors, whether regular or first-timers, ensuring that you have a unique experience tailored to your requirements every time.

City Bloc

1-4 Kitson Rd
Airedale Industrial Estate

Located just a little way out of the city centre, City Bloc has been providing local climbers with dynamic climbing facilities for around 10 years. Recognised for its walls which are designed to not only test agility and strength but also build technical skills that can be adapted to produce better outdoor climbers.

The facilities are suitable for climbers of all skill levels, with beginners classes available every Monday at 6pm. City Bloc also provides the optional service of enlisting the help of a private coach who can support you in achieving your personal climbing goals.

All of the routes available for climbing are littered with their own personal attributes from simple puzzles to much more technical challenges to ensure that all climbers can gain value form visiting. Whether you’re just starting out, feeling a little adventurous or ready for a bigger challenge, City Bloc has you covered.

ROKT Climbing Gym

Old Flour Mill

Mill Royd Street



Well worth the journey out of the city centre, ROKT is set to become one of the largest indoor climbing centres in the UK. The facility offers a variety of opportunities for climbing, across a range of abilities alongside a selection of other activities such as top-rope and abseiling alongside regular climbing courses and packages.

Visitors of all ages love the experience of visiting ROKT due to the sheer choice that it offers. With a multitude of rooms which span over several floors, including a competitive wall, an endurance wall and several training areas.

Routes progress gradually, meaning that newbies can choose how quickly they want to develop their skills or if they want to take their time, the pressure isn’t on too much. Both physical and mental challenges face those who pay a visit to ROKY, meaning that you can really build your bouldering skills. Clear grading system means that you will never end up out of your depth and provides you with a good visualisation of how far you have progressed. If you’re looking for a workout for the mind, body and soul, ROKT will not leave you disappointed.

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