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Yorkshire’s 5 greatest northern obstacle courses to run in 2019

Is fitness making up one of your New Year’s resolutions this year? Regardless of if you’re a seasoned racer or considering a couch-to-5k programme, giving an obstacle course a go might be the best way to kick-start this year’s fitness routine. If that’s got your brain ticking, and you don’t know where to begin – never fear: here are our 5 favourite Yorkshire-based obstacle courses:

#1. Yorkshire Warrior


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Where better to start than with Yorkshire Warrior? The course may not have the beginner in mind, but it is a great challenge for anyone wanting to give it a go. Comprising of 35 obstacles in either a 10K or 15K course, the Yorkshire Warrior takes you on a gruelling race through God’s own county, leaving you to scale massive hills, muddy slides, wet crossings, barbed wire, electric fencing and so much more – what more could you want?

To complete Yorkshire Warrior, it’s unsurprising to hear that you will definitely need to train. Strength, stamina and determination are all musts – as well as bringing along a team of trusty comrades to help you along the way.

This year’s Yorkshire Warrior is being held on 13th April at Ripley Castle, Ripley.

#2. Get Caked!

Touted as the “muddiest challenge in East Yorkshire”, Get Caked! tackles five miles of mud and wet, as you take part in the fun-yet-brutal charity course. You will be running, crawling and jumping across natural and man-made barriers designed to get you as muddy as possible. Your time doesn’t matter, as long as you end up – literally – caked.

If you’re new to the obstacle course this year, Get Caked! is the race for you – perfect for beginners who want to take on a new kind of challenge.

Get Caked! is taking place on 16th March in the grounds of Sledmere House, Driffield.

#3. Total Warrior


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Total Warrior is the great northern mud run. All competitors face a gruelling course, fuelled on the promise of a free beer at the finishing line. Regardless of the course you choose – whether that be the 12K Original Warrior, 6K Half Warrior or 5hr Ultra Warrior time challenge – you’re in for a punishing experience.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though. As the pinnacle of obstacle racing, competitors are urged to put in some serious training, and “winning” doesn’t have to be about coming first.

If you’re a seasoned obstacle course runner, you can take part in Total Warrior this year between 21st – 23rd June at Bramham Park, Leeds.

#4. Gung-Ho!


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Gung-Ho! is an inflatable adventure, perfect for those who want to take part in an obstacle course, but don’t fancy a gruelling mudfest. A 5K fun run that’s open to anyone of any ability, the course features the biggest inflatable obstacles “in the world”. Gung-Ho! doesn’t mind if you’re running, jogging or walking – they actively encourage racegoers to have a good time, over potentially setting a new PB. Besides, who doesn’t want to run around a giant inflatable obstacle course?

This year’s Gung-Ho! will be happening on 13th April at Harewood House, Leeds.

#5. Tough Mudder


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Of course, no list would be complete without mentioning Tough Mudder. Known universally as the most prominent and most robust mud run in the UK, Tough Mudder is great for team building. Some obstacles are impossible to pass without help, meaning that the course becomes a giant team effort.

If you’re looking to run Tough Mudder this year, you can choose from the 5km and 10km challenges – or the timed race series, if you want to prove yourself as the toughest mudder of all. Every year features new obstacles, so even if you’ve completed the race before, it’ll be an entirely different experience.

Tough Mudder is taking place this year on 27th 28th July at Broughton Hall, Skipton.

If you decide to participate in an obstacle course run this year, good luck! Naturally, don’t forget: look after your skin, and it’ll look after you. For skincare that’s designed with your potentially-extreme lifestyle in mind, choose ProBalm.

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