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Our Story

8 years ago a group of mates got together for a drink in a Yorkshire pub to talk about a shared problem. They wanted to live their lives to its fullest, most active and endorphin-pumping limit, but were being held back by one simple problem: their skin wasn’t as tough as they were.

An idea was born that afternoon: to create a no bs skincare solution for people who wanted to climb, ride, surf, lift and live to the max, without their skin slowing them down.

That’s the story of how we started ProBalm.

We stuck to our guns and created the ultimate extreme skincare range. All-natural and high-performance products to free your skin, and allow you to live actively with all the comfort of really f*cking healthy skin.

That’s a ProBalm promise.

Our Rules

We’re passionate about our products and that's why you’ll find no fillers here. Every ingredient is there for a reason and we follow some simple rules:

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Our Team

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