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30g Puck

“When you want your skin to go as hard as you can, reach for the ProBalm Puck to keep you on your game.” 

Our original 30g ProBalm Puck is the ultimate recovery skincare product that rock climbers, weight lifters, and other extreme sports lovers swear by.

Packed full of natural ingredients known for their repair and recovery benefits such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E, our ProBalm Puck targets the skin effects of living life to the extreme, leaving you ready for the next challenge. 

Usage tips

Rub ProBalm Puck (We promise this won’t hurt – the Puck is soft enough to glide between hands) between damaged hands after tearing them up on the rocks, in the gym, on the slopes, or in the surf. 

Alternatively, use the back of your finger-nail to pack product into flappers, cracks and scratches.   

Repeat regularly until ready to back out there. 

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